4 Purchases To Speed Up Your Carpal Tunnel Recovery

At OnlinePhysio.app we are all about fast recoveries. We want to help our patients and our followers achieve their goals as fast as possible. No one likes to be in pain longer than they should, and we don't like to see it! Se we've written out our 4 most recommended products to speed up your carpal tunnel recovery and included direct links to Amazon, to save you a job!

1. Premium Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

Premium Wrist Support for Carpal Tunnel

If there is one thing we would advise you to purchase when recovering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it is a wrist support. As advised in our rehabilitation programmes, when worn during sleep, it provides your wrist with sufficient support and allows it to heal throughout the night. The metal insert will stop the carpal tunnel being compressed and aggravating the nerves and tissues which cause your hand and wrist pain. This one available on Amazon is extremely affordable, high quality, adjustable and is made of breathable material for additional comfort.

Purchase from Amazon.


2. Weighted Pilates Balls

Weighted Pilates Balls for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

These weighted balls are used a lot in Pilates. They provide resistance when gripping the balls due to being filled with weighted materials. They are fantastic to improve your grip strength, for anyone suffering from a wrist, elbow or arm-related injury.

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3. Ibuleve Max 10% Ibuprofen Pain Relief Gel

Ibuleve Max 10% Pain Relief Gel

Are you in pain? Are you looking for a gel to reduce your pain and swelling fast and effectively? Have you used brands before that haven’t touched your pain? Are you looking for the strongest ibuprofen gel on the market? Then this is what you need.

Do you already have a pain relief gel that isn’t working? Check the concentration %. A lot of the main brands are just 1-2% in concentration. This pain relief gel boasts a huge 10% ibuprofen content, which means it is much stronger than others on the shelves, and the strongest you can buy.

Purchase from Amazon.


4. Koolpak Reusable Hot/Cold Packs (Set of 3)

Koolpak Reusable Hot/Cold Pack (Set of 3) For Carpal Tunnel

Handily capable of being used as either a heat pack or an ice pack, this set of 3 Koolpak hot/cold packs can help reduce pain of an injury at any staged. They can be used in the early stages of an injury as an ice pack to reduce inflammation and bruising, or they can be used towards later stages as a hot pack to reduce muscular tension and improve flexibility.

This set of 3 packs means you don’t have to wait for one to freeze before using it again, you can use one while they others are in the freezer! The fact their are 3 in each order also helps anyone looking to use contrast therapy where they alternate between hot and cold packs to improve circulation and speed up recovery.

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Over to You

There are our 4 most recommended products to get the most out of any rehabilitation programme for Carpal Tunnel. If we find any more we will be sure to add them to the list. Do you have any favourites that you've found to be useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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